Welcome to New York!!

Quick Story

Welcome to New York. And welcome to Stolen Says, a blog about New York. If you’re lucky enough to live here, congratulations — I look forward to running into you in the Park or on the N Train (or somewhere else in our glittering metropolis)! If you don’t live here, well…feel free to pack up and move here any time (or pay us a visit — we’ll make a weekend of it!). Until then, I invite you to live vicariously through my explorations of this fabulous city.

A little about me: I’m currently a twenty-something transplant working two jobs — a 9-5 in a cubicle, and a part-time gig as a personal assistant. The two jobs keep me on my toes, but because my work life is not-so-glam, I try to make up for it in my social life by exploring everything our fair city has to offer.

For instance: Barbounia. Nobu Next Door. McNally Jackson’s. Mehanata Lounge. Here on Stolen Says I’ll showcase the coolest Saturday night scenes, and the most classic places for Sunday Brunch. Anything I do that seems even remotely exciting (and in this city, everything is) will appear here — because NY is too amazing not to share it with you!

Tiny Disclaimer: You must realize that, as fantastic as New York is, it still has its not-so-glittery moments. So if the roast squab isn’t so hot at a particular restaurant, or the bathroom is unusually heinous at a certain bar I’ll absolutely let you know. I will never tell you not to go somewhere — I’m a huge advocate of trying everything once. But I won’t hesitate to warn you about, say, the rude bouncer at 1849.

You: Keep track of where I’ve been, and what I might post next by following me on Twitter (@StolenSays). If you have suggestions for activities, restaurants, bars, anything you’d like to read about or think I should check out, please (!) email me (stolensays@gmail.com). OR: If you are lucky enough to live here, as I said before, congratulations — I look forward to running into you! Seriously, if you see I’ve checked in somewhere on FourSquare (which posts to Twitter) and you’re in the area, look for me, and come say hey! If you’re as fabulous as you think you are (and you probably are) you’ll have a chance to be featured here on Stolen Says! As G & I always say, the more the merrier — so stop in, have a drink, and share your love of New York with the rest of the world!

In closing, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m off to catch the end of the parade down 5th Ave — enjoy being Irish for a day!

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