After all…

Am I not always saying how small New York is (and, subsequently, threatening to move to Barcelona to lie on a beach where nobody knows me)? It’s a stacked-to-the-heavens metropolis, yes — but you will always always run into someone you know when you least expect it. Sometimes it’s awkward, and sometimes it’s awesome, but either way it’s inevitable. Case-in-point: yesterday evening.
Last night the wind seriously had a personal vendetta against my hair — so I decided to head straight home after work and make myself a veggie scramble with some asparagus on the side. (Mmm, asparagus.)

Dinner aside, I was really looking forward to staying in, curling up with some pita bread and hummus while watching some old episodes of Scrubs. Roomie was home for a bit, which meant we caught up on the boy situation, the friend situation, the work situation — The Situation, and anything else relevant to, well, us. Sometime after he bounced and I was left with my scramble and the cast of Scrubs, someone tweeted about champagne or cupcakes (or both), which naturally jump-started my sweet tooth. As difficult as it was to swap my pjs for the day’s slacks again, I gave in to my baser instincts and trotted ‘round the corner to Astor Bake Shop (which, as you know, I love love love).
The thing about Astor Bake Shop, apparently, is that everyone I knew — even vaguely — at my alma mater hangs out there. It made me really glad that I decided to continue my city grooming and not just visit the Bake Shop in my pjs when I ran into two charming ladies — S & Mrose. In any case, I hadn’t seen either of them since I graduated, and seeing as they were the only guests at the Bake Shop at the moment (along w/their roomie and MRose’s mother), there was no avoiding them. Luckily, it wasn’t necessary. I walked in, locked eyes with S, and we both cocked our heads in that way that says wait, what is this, I know you!
It was delightful to discover that they both live with 2 other roommates just a few blocks from me. Not particularly surprising, but delightful all the same. The world is so much smaller than it seems. And by the world, of course, I mean New York. Every time this happens I flip out just a little bit inside and text G to tell her I’m moving to Barcelona and she should come with me. But this time, I think I’ll stay. They’re throwing a joint birthday party for the entire flat, and I hate to miss a good party.

Refreshed by the small coincidences of the New York, I ordered my “midnight” snack and trundled back to my warm apartment to finish Scrubs. I immediately added my new/old friends on Facebook – I really can’t pass up a party when it’s so close and they promise to provide gin & tonic!

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  1. AM says:

    Great post! It reads really well!

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