Bouchon Bakery

March 20/21st marks the official beginning of Spring — or at least, that’s what the calendar tells us. That particular date is exciting to me for two reasons:

    1) It’s my parents’ anniversary. (This spring it was 47 years — incredible, right?)


    B) It’s the day that I can officially stop feeling bad for whining about how cold and miserable it is. After all, it’s supposed to be spring, which means SUMMER — my favorite season! — is on its merry way.

If you live in New York, or have been watching the national weather (or international, if you live outside the US…trying not to alienate anyone, here) you already know — this “spring” hasn’t been very spring-like. I vaguely remember through my wintery grumpiness looking up and seeing big, fat, very unwelcome snowflakes falling ON my parents’ anniversary, the first day of spring. Rain on my parade all you want but it’s spring, so can we stop with the snow, please?

Fountain of Spring!
Luckily this weekend was more pleasant. The sun came out, it was warm-ish (enough for me to tromp around Manhattan with just a zip hoody) — I actually went for a run in the morning. It was fabulous. I had to pop into my midtown east office to pick up the tix for the concert at Carnegie Hall I’d left on the printer Friday afternoon, and decided to take advantage of being near the middle ground between D, NW & myself. A few texts, and shortly thereafter, we all met at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle to grab some coffee and baked goods at the Bouchon Bakery inside.

I generally avoid the Time Warner Center unless I absolutely have to use the restroom (I have this theory that I’m allergic to malls — the florescent lighting, the obnoxious pump-it-up music — makes my eyes itch and my nose run), but it’s a cute place, that Bouchon Bakery. And they give you lots of options. Coffee vs. tea, sweet vs. savory — table service vs. cafe service. Yes, it’s the best of both worlds. There’s a table service area if you want to have a leisurely snack and gaze out onto the fountain in the circle below. There’s also a cafe just to the side if you’re more in the mood to stand in line and grab some coffee to go.

D was in need of some “real” food, so NW and I grabbed our respective latte and caffe-au-lait along with a couple pastries — coffee cake for NW, strawberry linzer for me. Bouchon Bakery does actually have “real” food, which I’m sure is delicious, but a $10 grilled cheese sandwich is not the best cure for the hangover D was dealing with. So he popped into Whole Foods to grab his “real” food, and then we strolled out to the fountain to sit, eat and people-watch. And to wave up at Tom & Giselle, my future neighbors who live in the top of the Time Warner Center.

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