ehrm. That is all.

Yesterday was an amazing relief from the wicked cold, the up-and-down temperatures and the bleak, dark winter through which New York huddled this year.

I definitely drew a few looks as I snapped this photo on West 34th Street (usually known as the seventh circle of hell). Looks like a New Yorker, behaves like a tourist…?? But I couldn’t help myself. ESB was right there, and the daffodils and lilacs, the warmth, the spring breeze — I had to share the moment with you!

I’m looking forward to picnics in the park, lazy post-brunch wanderings through the West Village, HH at the Frying Pan, and that little buzz the sunshine and warm weather gives (a few mimosas helps too…but it’s mostly the sunshine).

What do you love most about Spring?

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2 Responses to Hooray!

  1. Amanda Blair says:

    You took the omg, omg, omg right out of my mouth!

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