Saturday night in New York City, when the sun goes down and all that’s left are the lights of the Chrysler building and the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park (and all the skyscrapers in between), the night glitters with opportunity.

That sounds a little vamipire-esque. I’m no Louis de Pointe or Lestat, I promise. By opportunity I mean, the opportunity for fun! Dancing, drinking, meeting new people and spending time with old friends. This Saturday past was such a night for all of the above.

It was (surprise, surprise) another birthday party. Birthday parties are always fun because — how did I put it before? — it’s a chance for all the people from every aspect of someone’s life to come together in one space and connect with each other. I love it. I love to throw all the people I know into a room with a bottle of wine (or seven) and say go. And this is what happens at birthdays.

This weekend it was (here it comes) one of my favorite people’s birthday party. Yes, I’m aware I call everyone my favorite. But truly, MF is one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. A hardworking aspiring film director, she pulls off cool like very few others do. And, being said cool, she picked an ultimate cool venue for her party — Prohibition, on Columbus Avenue at 84th Street.

It’s pretty much the oldest rule in the book. Forbid a person one thing, and that one thing is all they can think about. When alcohol was outlawed, what sprang up? A zillion underground speakeasies where the flappers partied harder than ever. Prohibition isn’t speakeasy style, but it’s still a clever (if cliché) name for a bar — and they do offer a selection of Prohibition Era cocktails, which puts the finishing touch on the cool.

MF reserved for her party a sizable table in the Red Room — up the half flight of stairs in the back of the bar. There’s a tiny, cash-only bar in the Red Room (about the size of my cubicle, no lie), but as tiny as it is, it’s stocked with everything but the credit card machine. No problem there, of course, as waitress bustles by fairly often to bring you more drinks that you can easily put on your tab at the front bar.

On that topic, look how cute the bartender is in his vest and tie! So classy (and cool).

Also up front is a live band — that night it was Red Light District who played tight covers and dressed sharply and were very cute. My kind of entertainment.

MF, cool as she is, naturally has a plethora of very cool friends. (There’s MF in the middle — yes, that’s me over on the right, and did you recognize Meredith, of Cubicle Chic? She’s responsible for introducing MF & me!) Most of them I knew, some of them I met for the first time, but regardless it was a fantastic evening. Night, I should probably say. I don’t think I left my apartment for the UWS until about 10:30 that night. Needless to say I didn’t get back home until the birds were chirping their morning wake up calls.

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3 Responses to Prohibition

  1. Meredith says:

    Yay! Love it! And what an adorable pic at the end. That was a fun night!

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