Dinner with Fifi & Himay*

Welcome to the first of what will be known as Dinner with Fifi & Himay!

I bring you the best of nightlife and daytime activities in New York City. I’ve highlighted bar scenes, brunches, picnics in the park — even the seventh circle of hell (W 34th St). As fantastic and fun as all of that is, sometimes the best evenings are those spent in your own apartment with a couple of your closest friends, a bottle of wine, and delicious home-cooked meal. Enter Fifi & Himay.

Fifi & Himay are two of my closest friends in New York City. They live just a few blocks away from my apartment, and we make a habit of having a (usually) healthy, home-cooked meal once a week. It’s a chance to share our love of cooking, love of wine, and stories of our lives. We commiserate over work, laugh at various encounters we have with the people of New York, and map out our respective lives.

Our weekly dinners started with my old roommate, Sten, and Fifi & Himay long before I came into the picture. They all attended Dartmouth together, and moved to the city together. When I moved in with Sten — whom I know through Pookie (they grew up together) — I joined them in their weekly dinners. Now Sten is off becoming a doctor in Cleveland, leaving the dinners to Fifi & Himay, me, and sometimes the Roomie (my current roommate, if you hadn’t guessed).

Now that you know the back story, I can go on to explain the dinner aspect. I won’t always have a recipe — some of them are Fifi’s Secrets. But when I can, I will share them with you. Because we like to expand our horizons, we try to have something different each week, so you shouldn’t get bored because I’m posting a photo of Jumbalaya again. In the event we get lazy and use a fallback such as chickpea cutlets, there will be some other highlight of the dinner segment, such as a new brand of wine. Or brandywine. (What is brandywine, exactly?)

Check back a little later today for the first installment of Dinner with Fifi & Himay!

*Himay is pronounced phonetically, with long vowels.

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