G’s Birthday Bash, Part 2:Fiddlesticks

Saturday was a wonderful, slightly tipsy adventure. G’s Birthday brunch started at Maracas, where we filled our stomachs with quesadillas, burritos and fajitas, to keep from going off the deep end before 3 o’clock. The birthday toasting also started at Maracas with 90 minutes of unlimited margaritas & mimosas for $10 — not the best deal by any means considering the quality of the beverages (tasty, but weak) but G & I have fun where ever we go, and our 20+ guests did also.

The rain decided to try to ruin the day — but in New York, where there’s a bar about every 10 feet, the weather doesn’t stand much of a chance when it comes to merry-making. We ducked under our umbrellas and trotted across Greenwich Ave to Fiddlesticks Pub & Grill, one of many dark, little Irish pub & grills in the NY Metro area, but probably one of my favorite.

By dark and little, I actually mean huge, as far as bars in NYC go — really, it’s big as far as real estate in general in NYC goes. Spacious, with the restrooms upstairs and down the hall instead of downstairs in a dingy corner, and a bartender who will plug your phone in behind the bar when it threatens to die and cut you off from the world. What’s not to love? With the standard array of beers and a full bar, we certainly had a fantastic time. G & I opted for Blue Moon — a nice transition from the mimosas at Maracas. I can’t be certain what the others’ poison of choice was but there was a martini glass at one point, and at another, I stole a moment with G’s birthday sombrero. (I need to stop making that face. It’s going to get stuck that way.)

And so, G’s birthday bash rolled on. I only stayed for a few more hours before I moved on to other previously booked events. Oh no, my night did not end at Fiddlesticks. There were at least 3 more stops before I headed home, but those venues (Caffe Vivaldi and Idle Hands Bar) deserve — and really need — their own spotlight. Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to G’s Birthday Bash, Part 2:Fiddlesticks

  1. omg fiddlesticks! haven’t been there in forever!

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