Dinner w/Fifi & Himay: Salmon Fillet

Stolen Says highlights the best of New York City from bar scenes to brunches. As fantastic and fun as all of that is, sometimes the best evenings are those spent in your own apartment with a couple of your closest friends, a bottle of wine, and delicious home-cooked meal.

This Week’s Dinner with Fifi & Himay is (drum roll, please): Salmon Fillet!!

MmmmmmmMM! I love me some fish. Let me clarify: wild Atlantic Salmon, wild Halibut, wild trout — as long as it’s wild and fresh, I love it. Some say they hate that fish-y smell. So do I, for a couple of reasons: 1) it just smells gross and B) if your fish smells like that, it’s not fresh enough for you to be eating it. In any case, if prepared the right way fish is delicious. Healthy, too!

Above is a “before” shot, just prior to the salmon fillets being covered with another piece of tin foil and baked for about 10 minutes (at 350 degrees). I usually prep the salmon with a little bit of salt & pepper, some fresh dill, a slice of lemon, and a thin slice of butter (to enhance flavor and retain moisture). I also usually wrap each fillet individually — but this week it was Fifi’s turn, so she presented it to the oven in this lovely manner, and added her own little touch to flavor it just so. Et, voilá — beautiful salmon fillet with a side of rice pilaf (another of Fifi’s Secrets), some kale (prepared by Himay), and a glass of pinot grigio.

Next week: I’m making lentil burgers!

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2 Responses to Dinner w/Fifi & Himay: Salmon Fillet

  1. Amanda Blair says:


  2. Meredith says:

    Ahhhhhh that looks delicious!

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