WWD 100th Anniversary

New York: The City That Never Sleeps, the center of the fashion world (this side of the pond, anyway). It’s a fast-paced blur of glittering, glamorous people in a never-ending cycle that goes something like this: work, play — hail a cab home to recharge so we can do it all again tomorrow. The fast pace is so blurred that sometimes we lose sight of the line between work and play, and the two combine in a night like last night — the celebration for Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)’s 100th Anniversary, hosted by The National Arts Club (on 20th St, across from Gramercy Park).

For those who aren’t quite as steeped in the fashion industry, WWD is — how do they put it? — the bible of the fashion world. A daily newspaper reporting on all things fashion, from this season’s runway collections to the ongoing battle between Hermés and LVMH Corporation, it is this year celebrating 100 years of fantastic fashion journalism. The well-deserved accolades for this publication just keep on coming — and tonight it was The Nation Arts Club’s turn to honor WWD.

It was an intimate affair, but all the glitterati of the Fairchild Fashion Group (the parent company for WWD, and a subsidiary of the publishing giant, Condé Nast) came out to celebrate WWD.

Thanks to the National Arts Club for hosting this event! And Congratulations to WWD — here’s to the next 100 years of shaping and influencing one of the largest industries on our little planet.

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