Easter Brunch

Happy Easter (belated)!

Whether you go to Easter Mass, or just religiously watch The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur on TV, Easter is pretty much a universal celebration of Spring. Eggs, bunnies — it’s all about the renewal of life! And it’s a fantastic excuse to throw a brunch.

Now, last year I threw a brunch at my apartment. I love to host, and it was fun (I even got a new microwave out of it) — but hosting is a lot of work, so when JV said he was throwing a brunch I jumped on the opportunity. I contributed some blueberry scones. They were a little last-minute and slightly disastrous-looking (little blue-ish lumps, due to lack of a baking sheet — I really need to invest in one of those), but they were pretty tasty anyway.

JV and his roommates all made some fantastic treats as well. There was a frittata, made with gruyere and cheddar, some delicious hash browns that included some bell peppers and onions, pancakes, bacon, and these scrumptious little balls made of sausage, cheese, and Bisquick mix. I’m currently on a pretty strong vegan kick, but I might have broken it a little bit to have a taste of everything. So yummy. And, of course, there was the obligatory Cadbury Creme Egg (what’s Easter without one of them?).

Some mimosas, some chatting, and a few rounds of BS later — we all felt sufficiently grateful for the coming of Spring. How did you celebrate this weekend?

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