Union Sq. Market

Today is Wednesday (happy hump day). The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming — just about everywhere you look you can find not just a hint of, but full-fledged Spring (I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not jinxing it like when I posted this or this). But that’s today. Last Saturday didn’t start out so hot. The forecast said it was supposed to be miserably gloomy day, and I had fully intended on venturing only as far as the corner store for a bottle of montepulciano d’abruzzo. It would be one of those rare, but fantastic days on which I had nothing planned, and planned to do nothing.

Around noon my super smart phone* shook me gently by the shoulder, wafted the scent of a freshly-cooked breakfast (pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and orange juice) my way, and informed me that a one Ms. JK was calling. You’ve probably slept long enough, it beeped at me. You probably ought to answer. And with that it hopped onto my face to connect me with JK.

What are you doing? JK asked. Do you want to go to the farmer’s market in Union Square? I want to get some herbs and tomato plants for my balcony. Why, yes, I would love to. And so I did.

Usually if I can’t see the Chrysler Building from my kitchen window, I don’t leave the apartment. But I figured we’d quickly walk through the market, see everything, and then go somewhere to sip coffee or wine and catch up while we watched the rain come down outside. Fortunately by the time I got to the subway the rain had stopped — and by the time we had finished perusing the herbs and flowers that would shortly thereafter end up on JK’s balcony, the sun was out (and I was very glad that I had thought to tuck my sunglasses into my tote bag).

I love the farmer’s market. Central Park is a little haven inside the concrete jungle, but the farmer’s markets bring a little piece of earth to the rock that Manhattan is. It’s a fabulous, glittering rock — more like a diamond, really, but still. Fresh Direct and Duane Reade, convenient and necessary as they are, can’t really compete with the homegrown quality of products you can find at the farmer’s markets.

*Would that my phone were that smart. Breakfast in bed every morning. Yes.

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