G’s Bday Bash, Part 3: Caffé Vivaldi

I know. The mind reels that there could be more to G’s bday bash than a drag queen brunch and the best irish bar ever (on the West side, anyway). Well, G knows how to do it up right. But you’ll have to ask her to tell you the story of what exactly went on after Fiddlesticks — I heard they went to Duplex and did shots while dancing on the table. Where was I? Just a few blocks down, at Caffé Vivaldi with L (of Cubicle Chic) and AB (Of A to B). L’s friend from CT, Buddy Toth, had a gig that night, so AB & I decided to join L and show our support for him.

Buddy Toth is one of those many singer/songwriters who have a day job while trying to get their break in the music business. What’s different about Buddy is his very apparent humility. His sound is comparable to early John Mayer — but Buddy is actually nice. Nice lyrics, soothing voice, and creates a very calming atmosphere. It was the perfect way to spend an early evening as the rain drizzled down outside.

Similarly, Caffé Vivaldi is so chill. Bohemian, in the best sense of the word, and found on Jones Street (just off of Bleecker). My friend (also a performance artist) Samantha Preis performs there almost every Thursday, at 6 pm. Unfortunately this was the first chance I’d had to visit the cute cafe — 6:00 is difficult to make when you often work until 8. But one day, I will. In any case, it was a welcome change to the wild celebration that was still carrying on in G’s honor when I left, to come to Caffé Vivaldi and hear the soothing tunes of Buddy Toth.

This is a 2 part-er — check back a little later for the recount of AB & my barhop thru the East Village!

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