Idle Hands Bar

After our relaxing cool down at Caffé Vivaldi, L headed back to Brooklyn w/some other friends. AB & I, considering the rain that was still coming down, opted for Idle Hands, in the East Village.

Idle Hands is a really cool, divey, underground (literally) type bar. AB & I almost couldn’t find the entrance! I certainly never would have ventured down this hallway in hopes of finding a beverage to sooth my nerves:

But I’m glad I did. Dive though it is, Idle Hands is a great little place. And by little I mean, not really little at all. (Also, please bear in mind that we arrived at Idle Hands around 8:00 pm. Early bird special. Grammy & Gramps, basically. It was a long but fabulous day.)

Known for their whisky, we obtained a free shot and taste of it when I checked in on FourSquare! It was 4/16/2011, after all, and the official birthday/anniversary of FourSquare, so Idle Hands had a special. In addition to this, each person who checked in got to play a game of tic-tac-toe — the winner then was entered into a drawing for a free happy hour! So AB & I spent the next few minutes earnestly attempting to beat each other in a fervent game of our youth. Her adorable multi-colored nails distracted me, so I lost (that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it).

If you find yourself in Alphabet City this weekend, you must pop into Idle Hands, just to say hello and taste some of their whisky. It’s a dive little underground place, but they have one of the widest selections of fine whisky you could imagine. (I think — I’m more of a gin person, myself. Don’t actually know much about scotch.)

Well, it looks fabulous, anyway. Have a fantastic weekend! Hope to see you at Idle Hands!

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2 Responses to Idle Hands Bar

  1. Camla says:

    Hi Stolen! I am coming to Manhattan (from San Diego) to see my son who has abandoned his Mother & CA (just kidding) to live in Manhattan. He attended community college and Cal state university. After working a few years, he went to NYU for his MBA and now lives in & loves Manhattan. I would like to take him and his uber-hip girlfriend to a few cool places while I am visiting. He works in Midtown, lives in Battery Park and his girlfriend lives in Brooklyn. Can you please give me any recommendations? Mucho gracias, SD Madre

    • stolensays says:

      @SD Madre —
      So sorry for the delayed response — Saturday was a very busy day! But I didn’t forget about you.
      If you’re looking for dinner: NoBu Next Door (West Village), Gobo (West Village), Casimir (East Village) — all fantastic, low-key, delicious places.
      More midtown (after work easy for your son): Ma Péche, or Aspen on the West side, Dos Caminos or Blockheads on the East side (tho Blockheads has a Midtown West location as well).
      Lunches: Le Pain Quotidien is a favorite — and they’re a chain with several convenient locations.
      Brunch: Barbounia or Freeman’s. (Barbounia’s website is a little scary — but it really is a fabulous space.)
      I hope this helps! I know how hard it can be to have your family all the way across the country, but it is so great that you can come visit from time to time. Enjoy your visit, and let me know if you need any other suggestions!

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