Caliente Cab Co.

Oof. The beginning of a new week can sometimes be daunting. As you’re looking over your schedule for the week, the meetings, the bi-annual teeth cleanings, interviews, and annual reviews let’s pause for a moment and remember with fondness, last Friday. For some, Friday night is date night. Dinners, movies, and Sixteen Handles come to mind. For me? Friday was the longest day ever. Maybe it was that I had woken up at 5:00 that morning to ensure my boss made his flight, and then (because I was already up) decided to watch the Royal Wedding. Maybe it was just that Spring was here and I wanted to enjoy it outside, rather than from my cubicle. Either way, 5:00 (pm) couldn’t come soon enough. But when it finally did, my coworkers and I made a dash for the elevators — and subsequently found ourselves at the Caliente Cab Co.

Caliente Cab Co. is this delightful, novelty Mexican restaurant known mostly for it’s outlandish signage in the West Village. We paid a visit to CCC’s Murray Hill location, on 33rd Street and 3rd Avenue. Considering its proximity to our office (10 blocks), it seemed a little easier than trekking to the original location across town (and down 50 blocks). The sooner we had those margaritas in hand, the better.

And boy, do they serve up those margaritas. I actually opted for a mojito — my first of the season! There’s nothing like a mojito in warm weather to make you feel at ease. I think it’s the mint, really, that adds a freshness to the air around you, but the rum might help a little bit. In any case, a 24 oz mojito, and some fun with a paper hat I may or may not have created in honor of the Royal Wedding was just the cure I was looking for.

Of course, you can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and not order some guacamole. And the guac was delicious. But even more so (and this could have been because lunch was 5 hours prior and I was starving), those chips are so tasty! We/I ate almost an entire bowl of them before the guac was placed on the table. Yum. To round it out we ordered a sampler platter with quesadillas, mini-burritos, chicken fingers, and a shrimp skewer. It was pretty yummy (but no one ate the shrimp skewer).

A few words of caution: while it’s by no means worthy of three dollar signs, Caliente Cab Co. isn’t exactly the burrito stand on the corner either. As I said, it’s a delightful, novelty restaurant, with delightful, novelty pricing. And 2 single-serve restrooms. After 6:30, a trip to one of them will take about 10 minutes — though you might make some new friends while you’re waiting in line.

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