Brooklyn brewery

New York — the city that never sleeps. Fantastic, isn’t it? Of course, the thing about living in a city that never sleeps is that, sometimes, you don’t either. And so it was for me this weekend. Let me break it down.

Friday evening I was home by 10:00, in bed by 11:00, fully intent on catching up on some much needed sleep. But what is it they say? The best-laid pans of mice & men? I feel like that’s my life motto. All plans of sleeping until 9 (or 10, or 11) were quashed when I randomly woke at 4:30 and stupidly decided to check my phone. There waiting for me was a text from my boss, who was at a business conference somewhere in Middle America and needed some flights changed. So, I made the necessary calls — I wont bore you with the details, but the fiasco ended with a final text asking why on earth I was up so early on a Saturday. Grumble, grumble

By the time that was all over the sun was up and I figured if I went back to bed I would end up missing the best parts of the day, which included a trip out to the Brooklyn Brewery. Yes, that’s right — I went all the way out to Williamsburg for some day drinking with D and his group. I of course was running late (I admit, I took a little snooze after a breakfast of vegan pancakes and some quality time w/Penn Badgely [Easy A]), but it was still a fantastically sunny day in hipsterville when I trotted up the stairs from the L train and walked the few blocks to the Brewery.

The Brooklyn Brewery is in an interesting segment of Williamsburg. All the buildings are about a thousand years old — unless they’re brand spanking new. If it’s not a big warehouse or shipping yard, it’s glistening condo with floor-to-ceiling windows. Being an old warehouse with a new interior, the Brewery falls somewhere in between, and nicely summarizes the neighborhood. When I got there, I found D, bought my tokens and went to the bar. D and JoGla were already a couple of beers in, so D suggested I go with the Blast. It’s a darker, heavier (and oddly sweeter) beer and cost 2 tokens ($8) instead of 1 ($4), but it was about 9% alcohol. Probably pretty worth it.

Apparently you can take tours of the Brewery and they will tell you all about the process that beer goes through in these shiny containers. All I know is that they’re shiny and probably have beer in them (yum).

Take a trip there, if you can. It’s really not so far — one stop into Williamsburg on the L train, and then just a few blocks walking. If I can do it, you can. So I had my beer, and then we went somewhere to get some food. After that, you would think I would have gone home to bed, but no, no, that wouldn’t have gone along with my motto. I certainly planned to go home and take it easy, but L texted and so we spent a good portion of Saturday night bar hopping in the East Village, and then I jumped over to the West Village to hang w/Jbru for a spell. Long story short, I didn’t get home until those birds were chirping their morning songs. Again. There is no rest for the wicked.

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