Vacation – Disney World!

New York — New York. God I love New York. Sometimes, though, even I need a break from the hustle and bustle and the 9-5 grind (mostly the 9-5 grind). So when my sister, who lives all the way across the country in Seattle, asked if I wanted to meet her along with her husband and their 2 children at Disney World for an extended weekend I jumped at the chance. 80+ degree weather, sunshine, family — pretty much all the things NY was lacking at that point. So I went, and that’s why there was nothing new for you to read last Friday. I was too busy toting my 5 year old niece around and teaching my 8 year old nephew to play Tetris, and all around relaxing and not thinking about work.

Disney World. It’s really quite another world. Welcome home, they said as I checked into the Boardwalk Inn, have a magical day! Honestly it was a little odd. For one, the point of checking into a hotel on vacation is so you can be in a place that’s not home. But minor details, minor details. It’s all in the minor details.

The kids certainly had a grand time. Just being in the Magical Kingdom with the Disney Castle in plain view was exciting for them — but seeing all the animals at the Animal Kingdom, and then catching Mickey & Minnie and all the classic Disney characters in the parade at the end of the day was a real treat.

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3 Responses to Vacation – Disney World!

  1. Heidi Green says:

    Looks like fun John! Glad you had a great time.

  2. Amanda Blair says:

    I am dying to go to Disney World, I am so jealous! Looks like a lot of fun but I bet you need another vacation bc DW couldn’t have been very relaxing!

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