The Frying Pan

Happy Hour (HH) — that ray of light at the end of the tunnel, the saving grace of the 9-5. You gotta love it. The after work crowd, the mingling with coworkers and possibly some new friends, and, of course, the drinks. Can it get any better? Well, it might be better — if you were on a boat. HH on a boat? On the Hudson River? That’s cray, you say. You say cray (crazy) — I say genius. Welcome to the Frying Pan.

Naturally, it’s a seasonal spot. No matter how lovely the view of Hoboken (or Midtown West Manhattan in this pictured case), the winter chill is a bit much to sit pier-side with some friends and a bucket of coronas. Spring & summertime, however — that’s a different story. Few things better on a hot summer day than to hang out on a boat and feel the gently swaying as you sip your beer, eat your burger & fries, and shoot the breeze that ruffles your hair (and keeps you cool in the swelter that summer in NY can be). It’s a creaking tub, but come Memorial Day, the Frying Pan is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

I had been in hibernation so long (and the new, frigid and half-lit cubicle arrangement on the new floor at the office doesn’t help), I’d almost forgotten about the Frying Pan. Luckily, I have brilliant friends like Mere to text me on Monday saying The frying pan after work on Wed? So Wednesday, after work, I hopped the E from my Penn Plaza office to 23rd Street and strolled the 3 blocks & umpteen (4) avenues over to Pier 66 for a nice relaxing HH with Mere, MF, and L (a new friend!). Some others joined us after awhile, and while no crazy stories stem from that night, it was both a chance to share some of our crazy stories, and a glimpse of what the steadily warming weeks ahead would bring.

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