Tribeca Grand

So. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I sure did! I managed to take Saturday off from, well, life, basically to catch up on my sleep and rest. In the city that never sleeps (as I’ve said before), sometimes I don’t either. But I sure did on Saturday, and it was glorious. Friday night, however, was another awesome night of drinks, dancing, a little glam, and a short but slightly terrifying cab ride. It all started at the Tribeca Grand.

Actually it started with a nap. I told Fifi earlier that day If I don’t take at least a quick catnap, Feef, I won’t make it past midnight. I’ll turn into a pumpkin and you’ll have to roll me home. So I took my nap, and met Fifi, her cousin Q, and Nor as they were finishing dinner. Of course I was running late — is there ever a story where I’m not? But they finished dinner, we had a few post-dinner cocktails at Fifi’s apartment, and then we headed to 6th Ave and Church St, to Church Lounge at Tribeca Grand Hotel. It was Q’s last night in the states, and Fifi wanted to take her some place swanky — the Tribeca Grand is nothing if not swanky.

Dimly-lit as hotel bars often are, it was difficult to get clear photos of the place, but I did my best. We grabbed a table near the “fire pit” which was a wall with rows and rows of gas-lit pilot lights. Fifi was leaning back toward it when I realized it was actually flame, and I pulled her forward so her hair wouldn’t catch fire. That probably wouldn’t have gone over so well, with Fifi or the Tribeca Grand staff.

Drinks, delicious and unique as they are, aren’t cheap at this hotel bar. We thoroughly enjoyed a drink or so each, and then set out in search of some good beats and dancing — which we found at Le Poisson Rouge. Stay tuned! That, and the story of how we almost died and got ripped off in a somewhat comical cab ride coming later this afternoon.

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