Savor the Sabra

The thing about New York City is that every time you turn a corner the opportunity for something amazing awaits. That sounds cliché, I know, but it’s actually true. If course, sometimes it depends upon your perspective — not everyone is going to think that stumbling upon an Hermès sample sale is the greatest thing ever (although, who wouldn’t think so is beyond me). In any case, as I was on my way to the Frying Pan last week for happy hour I turned the corner on 33rd street and ran into the Sabra Hummus Truck! This is where the point of view comes in — the Sabra Hummus Truck may not be quite as exciting to you. Let me explain.

In my crazy attempt to be a vegan (which comes & goes in fits & phases), I was wandering around the Penn Plaza area wondering where I might find a decent vegan snack to tide me over thru happy hour. Turn the corner and lo & behold, Sabra is handing out free, snack-size samples. Considering the fact that I practically keep Sabra in business (I could easily go through a container of the greek olive humus a night), I thought it was fairly apropos to find them, as though they had been waiting for me to stop by.

Jason and Jenny were the awesome samplers that evening. Two very cool kids, I must say. I tweeted a pic of them, and they gave me a Sabra t-shirt! Not the height of fashion by any means, but who doesn’t love free stuff?

The truck will be making random stops throughout Manhattan for the next week — follow them on twitter to see where they are, and indulge in your free sample too!

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