The Library

Happy Tuesday! I apologize for the radio silence the last few days — last week was fairly hectic for me, what with the 2 jobs, the rehearsals for the Something Wonderful concert, and the performance itself. I do have a post about the concert waiting in the wings, it’s just, well — waiting in the wings. For photos. Since I was performing, I wasn’t able to take any, see. I’ve been in touch with the PR folks for the Chorale, and I’m just waiting for their latest response, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime* let me tell you about my wild Friday night. I pretty much spent it studying with AB.

Wait, no, it wasn’t studying — we were at The Library, a bar in the East Village (I knew it had something to do with books, though). I had finally made it to another of Nat Osborn’s shows at Rockwood Music Hall (love that place, love that man), and afterward, I hit up Ms. AB who had previously said she would be in the East Vill with her visiting friends. So I took a hop & a skip and landed on Avenue A, just above Houston — The Library.

Let me just take this moment to say how much fun the East Village is. It’s just crawling with hundreds of dive bars, each unique in its own little East Village flavor. The Library is, well — it’s quirky. That’s really the only way to describe it (to a tee). With a blinged out unicorn in the front window, and skull wall-sconces, quirky (maybe even cute) covers it pretty well.

It just so happened that quirky totally worked for AB and me (and her visiting friends). Her visiting friends were visiting from Portland, Oregon, which is my home state, so we bonded over that — that and a gin & tonic or two. We eventually moved on from The Library, in separate directions. I cabbed it uptown to Hell’s Kitchen for a little dancing before I dragging my tired, but oh-so-happy self home around 3.

Barhopping with AB, meeting new friends, and dancing my heart out — all in all I’d say it was a successfully fun-filled Friday night!

*In the meantime, you can read Sarah B’s review of the concert, here.

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4 Responses to The Library

  1. amanda blair says:

    I was so happy you made it out. I had tons of fun with you like always!

  2. Linds says:

    You two are too cute in that picture!! So sad I wasn’t able to make it. AB – will you be joining us this Friday at 6PM? A friend of mine is playing at Rockwood!


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