NY Dance Parade

Dance dance dance — 3 words that sum up my Friday/Saturday nights. And sometimes M-F at home in my apartment too. Suffice it to say that I love to shake my booty on the dance floor, in the kitchen, in my cubicle, and anywhere else I can conjure a little Gaga beat in my brain. So when Leedles told me she was going to be in the 5th Annual NYC Dance Parade, I kind of went through the roof with glee.

New York City is nothing if not a parade city — we’ll have a parade at the drop of a hat, no lie. (I actually dropped my hat last week, turned around, and there was a parade marching right up Third Ave.) All jokes aside, there are a lot of parades in New York. This was only the 5th year the NY Dance Parade has happened, so the turnout wasn’t as overwhelming as, say, the Halloween, St. Paddy’s Day, or Pride Parades. My hope is that in the years to come the NY Dance Parade will garner a much larger following, but Saturday it meant JH & I got a front row seat to the parade.

The parade was meant to showcase dances from various cultures around the world. It was a lot of fun to see the myriad Colombian dancers, the troupe of teenage girl tap dancers, and the belly dancers, but thank goodness Leedles was toward the beginning of the parade — there are only so many repeats I can sit through. Much as I hope the parade will garner a larger following, I also hope they will be able to offer a wider variety of content in the future. You have to hand it to the dancers, though, nimbly dancing their way from 23rd & Broadway all the way down to Tompkins Square Park in Alphabet City — not for the faint of heart. I applaud them, and the efforts of the NY Dance Parade Committee for bringing the dance culture to the streets of New York City!!

Also, how fabulous does Leedles look? So proud of her! Not so proud of myself, getting a citation from the NY Dance Police — the one moment I stopped shaking my booty to shoot a quick tweet! ; )

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