Johannes Somary Memorial Concert

I’ve written of my love for music in all its wonderful forms and genres (here, here, and here). Sunday afternoon, the love affair continued. In a brilliant and really touching tribute to the late Johannes Somary, family members, friends, and members of the music community came together to participate and engage in a beautiful presentation of Haydn’s Creation. The Creation was Maestro Somary’s “desert island” piece, and so it seemed only fitting to arrange a performance of it in his memory.

I had heard of this Memorial through my former voice teacher and now dear friend Rufus Müller, who performed as one of the soloists that afternoon. In an effort to support Rufus, join in honoring the life of Maestro Somary, and take advantage of a free dose of Haydn, Leedles and I made our way to The Cooper Union near Astor Place for the concert. There was a fantastic turnout, and not only among the audience. If I’ve been correctly informed, all the performers were volunteering their time that day, and the response to the chorus outreach for the memorial was so overwhelming, the Somary family and had to move the memorial to The Great Hall at The Cooper Union — the original location of the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in SoHo was simply too small.

After the concert, a champagne reception was held in the lobby outside the hall. What a lovely way to be remembered and honored — by family, friends and colleagues through the medium to which his life was entirely devoted. One can only hope that we would all be remembered and honored in similar ways. Cheers, to Johannes Somary, and to a long and fulfilling life for all of us!

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