Stolen Says featured on Cubicle Chic! (and: a lesson in feng shui)

I’ve always immensely enjoyed exploring the realms of fashion and style. So when Meredith & Lindsay of Cubicle Chic asked if I would be a part of their What’s Your Cubicle Chic? segment, I naturally exclaimed yes! A chance to be featured on a style blog and get to blab about my personal style inspirations? Kind of every fashionista/o’s wildest dream (aside from front row seats at the D Squared shows). Click here to see the feature! A huge thank you to Meredith & Lindsay for featuring me!

Now: my weekend of feng shui fun.

It all started Thursday evening, when, from the 14th floor of my Penn Plaza office I heard thunder, and glanced up to find the sky had darkened. Following this unfortunate trend, this weekend past was rather abysmally dismal — which, unfortunately, sort of impeded upon any plans I might have made. I had every intention of bouncing across the East River to Ryans Daughter for my fabulous friend Hdub’s birthday party. Sadly, it was not to be — it turned out to be one of those awful, awful nights where the universe seems to conspire against you. I wasn’t feeling my outfit, I’d lost a button on my blazer, the ATM refused to function for me, and my umbrella turned inside-out 3 times before I’d gone a block. To my credit, I made it 3 before I turned tail and retreated back to the solitary confinement of my apartment.**

There are few things worse than missing a social event — much less an event that celebrates a dear friend’s existence in my life. Needless to say, I still felt awful when I woke up the next morning, so I set about pulling myself up by my bootstraps and keeping myself occupied to avoid the misery that would have otherwise overwhelmed me and kept me in my bed all day. The weather, still abysmally dismal, provided little inspiration, but I threw myself into a project that I knew would make me feel better — feng shui and cleaning.

All I originally had planned was to shift my bed from one wall to another, but instead of carefully measuring, I merely eyeballed the new arrangement, which soon had half of my belongings out in the living room. I was about 5 minutes into it when I realized it would be a slightly larger undertaking than I had imagined, so I put on Moulin Rouge in the background, rolled up my sleeves, and went to work.

One thing I will never know — where all of that dust comes from! Gross. But I coaxed the dust bunnies into submission, gently placed them in their new home in the trash bin, and sat back to admire the much more logical and clean-looking layout of my bedroom. Space is precious in New York, and to waste even an inch is a bit of a crime. Now I have plenty of space for blogging at my desk, and for some Yogamazing in my room (instead of in the living room, worrying about The Roomie catching me in an awkward Downward Dog)!

What are some creative ways you’ve rearranged your living quarters?

**Largest apologies to Hdub for not powering through — you must let me take you out for a drink or two one evening to make it up to you!

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2 Responses to Stolen Says featured on Cubicle Chic! (and: a lesson in feng shui)

  1. Lesley says:

    Love the crates in front of your bed. I just moved to the city and am still trying to figure out ways to organize and decorate.

    Keep it up!

    • stolensays says:

      Thanks! It’s an inexpensive way to create storage space — any corner deli will have them (just be sure to sand them down a bit first, and maybe give them a coat of oil/varnish). One of my favorite stores is The Container Store — they have so many brilliant options, if you haven’t been yet, make a trip! Good Luck, and welcome to New York!

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