McNally Jackson’s

When you live in The City That Never Sleeps, it sometimes means that you don’t either (yes, I’ve said this before, but it’s a simple fact that sometimes bears repeating). Meredith & Lindsay over at Cubicle Chic said yesterday in their WYCCfeature (thanks again M & L!) “it’s amazing that he can find time to write his New York-centric lifestyle blog”. I don’t know about amazing, but it certainly is something. I also don’t know about 2 full-time jobs — but some days it absolutely feels like it. A 5:30am wake up, a 7:30 arrival for an hour spent at Penn Plaza, a jump across midtown for 8 hours, and then a hop & a skip back for a few more hours to arrive home around 10. On days like this I’ll be lucky to get in bed before midnight, after cooking dinner, blogging, catching up on my personal correspondence. What is that, like a ___ hour day? Oof. I had to delete the number, it was a little staggering seeing it in writing. In any case, what generally gets me through is (wait for the brilliant segue) a sense of humor, some morning yoga, and a cup of coffee or two.

Speaking of coffee, let’s talk places to get some. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably noticed my penchant for the Astor Bake Shop. It is quite amazing, and its proximity to my apartment makes it even more amazing — and difficult to avoid. But another of my favorite coffee shops in the world is McJ Cafe, which is inside the McNally Jackson bookstore in SoHo (on Prince & Mulberry Streets). It may not be a totally novel idea, putting a coffee shop in a bookstore — Barnes & Noble and Borders have seen to that. But McJ Cafe has that cozy, comfortably home feel. Film students will sit and discuss James Franco and Godard, SoHo-ites will pop in for a quick espresso and to grab the latest Vogue Japan, and me, well I could spend hours with a cup of coffee and a friend, browsing the shelves.

For an indie bookstore, they have an impressive collection from contemporary popular to obscure vintage. And, if you can’t find exactly what you need already in print, feel free to write your own manuscript, and have it printed and bound for just $6 — and $0.02 per page (there’s also a set up fee that ranges from $10-$50 based on a number of factors).

My last visit to McNally Jackson’s was (apparently) in early March, before the leaves had begun to bud on the trees, and New Yorkers were still somewhat bundled up. I remember grabbing two coffees and meeting JK there, before a stroll around SoHo and a visit to the Rebecca Taylor boutique. I think it’s time I visited again — perhaps this weekend. Join me for a cup of coffee?

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2 Responses to McNally Jackson’s

  1. Linds says:

    You’ve made me really want to go here!! Seems like the perfect place to be on a rainy weekend afternoon 🙂

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