The Boat Basin Cafe

So. You’re heading to happy hour on a Thursday afternoon/evening after a long day at the office and a quick trip by the printer’s to approve the sample for your boss’ Father’s Day gift. You hop the 1 train (after confusing 7th Ave for Broadway and walking an avenue too far to 8th, and then trudging back through the summer mugginess in a blazer, button-up, and a tie) uptown to 79th Street and head West toward the arranged meeting point. You see Riverside Drive, and beyond that, the West Side Highway. Confused, but sure there must be some trickery at work, you cross Riverside Drive and follow a suit and his girl toward the underpass walkway, hoping they’re not just looking for a corner in which to canoodle. And then you see this:

So by “you” all this time, I’ve really meant “me” — and when I saw this I breathed a sigh of relief. It would be just my luck, after all that unnecessary trudging around midtown, to show up at the appropriate latitude — 10 blocks South of where I needed to be. Fortunately this wasn’t the case, and this sign put the bounce back in my step and I continued on to the Boat Basin Cafe, and my raucously good-time HH with the kids I call the Boston Crew. An amazingly dynamic, energetic, and all around brilliant group of young professionals, the Boston Crew always seems up for anything, from white-water rafting (no kidding) to Happy Hour at the Boat Basin (a literal stone’s throw from the Hudson River).

Dynamic and energetic fits the Boat Basin as well. A happy, fratty after-work crowd, I wasn’t the only one in a button-up and a tie (though I lost my YSL tie and shoved carefully folded and placed it in my briefcase to alleviate the mugginess). If you go, get there early or maybe even call ahead if you think there might be the slightest chance you’ll want a table. K & LL arrived at 6:30 and promptly put our names in for a table — we didn’t get seated until 8. So, while K, LL and Giselle waited for the table and for the rest of the Boston Crew to trickle in we took advantage of the $4 Coronas and the light, caught up, shot the breeze (does that work in the past tense?) and chatted everything from the Royal Wedding to our next career moves.

There’s a lot of energy bouncing around the Boat Basin — it was 10:00 before I knew it and the following day held an early-to-rise morning for me (to pick up the approved sample of the Father’s Day project before heading to the office). So I headed home, happily buzzed from the Coronas and the company. It may be awhile before I make it back to the Boat Basin, considering its location, the wait for a table and the slightly rubbery calamari, but it is a decent spot to enjoy a beer (or two) and this lovely view of the harbor and the Jersey skyline (what is that…Hoboken? Jersey City?)

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4 Responses to The Boat Basin Cafe

  1. Giselle says:

    Nice post, John! I love the blog, and you always take great pictures 🙂

  2. Kristen says:

    I used to go to the Boat Basin Cafe when I was training new employees for work. VERY JEALOUS- especially since you were there with some of my favorite people

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