Dinner w/Fifi & Himay – Mac & Cheese!

Stolen Says highlights the best of New York City from bar scenes to brunches. As fantastic and fun as all of that is, sometimes the best evenings are those spent in your own apartment with a couple of your closest friends, a bottle of wine, and delicious home-cooked meal.

This week’s Dinner w/Fifi & Himay is (drum roll, please): Mac & Cheese!!

Mac & cheese?! You say, yum!…but so easy, it comes in a box and takes like, 30 seconds to microwave. What’s so dinner-with-fifi-&-himay-worthy about that? well, for one thing, that’s Easy Mac you’re talking about, hence the name, and this mac & cheese dinner not only starts w/an appetizer of chickpea cutlets & spinach, but is baked (not…microwaved) entirely from scratch. Complemented nicely with a glass of Delirium (tho’ Fifi & I often say our jobs make us delirious enough).

The Bachelorette, airing Monday evenings at 8/7c, rules Fifi’s life these days, and consequently mine & Himay’s as well. Does that mean I cooked while Fifi got her dose of ridiculous reality TV (which I also kind of happen to love)? Not really, no. How she managed to whip up two courses after an insane & long day at the office, I’m not so sure, but she did, and it was nothing short of amazing.
Anyone else find themselves addicted to The Bachelorette? Plop down with some baked mac & cheese next time – goes perfect w/a side of Bentley.

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One Response to Dinner w/Fifi & Himay – Mac & Cheese!

  1. AM says:

    I find myself making baked mac and cheese all the time….soo good and so easy :)!

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