For Want of Closet Space (or: What To Do With Those Summer Fridays, Part1)

Happy Friday! There is this thing, FYI, in New York implemented generally between Memorial Day and Labor Day called Summer Fridays — where each Friday is a half day, which gives us a little extra time to get out to the Hamptons and make a full weekend of the sand, the sun and the waves. If you are still and up-and-coming twenty-something, however, and haven’t budgeted that summer share just yet (or made friends with the right people) and are bound to spend the weekend in the muggy confines of Manhattan, what do you do with that half day of afternoon freedom? Hmm, how about a tram ride over the East River to Roosevelt Island?

Roosevelt Island used to be an insane asylum (or something to that effect) way back in the day, so there’s a little stigma attached to it for the born & bred New Yorkers. My friend B-Ji, UWS native that she is, actually shuddered very visibly when I mentioned that I wanted to move there. I don’t want to move there anymore — it’s a little too quiet for me. (I am, tho, on a current crusade to persuade my parents to move there. Free laundry, anyone?) So far removed from the hustle & bustle of Manhattan, Roosevelt Island is now a quaint and quiet little residential island, with 1 of every restaurant, and the essential franchises: Duane Reade, Starbucks. Stuck in the middle of the East River between the Upper East Side and Long Island City, there are a multitude of methods to make your way there. Subway (common), bus (ick), car (if you’re lucky) or Tram (exciting and fun!).

It’s easy. Catch the tram on 2nd Ave between 58th & 59th Streets. Climb the stairs, use your monthly unlimited Metro Card to get through the turnstiles and wait for the tram to slide into place and the doors to open. Walk on — be sure to stand by a window (unless you’re afraid of heights, in which case you should probably have just taken the F Train)! Enjoy the smooth ride, and the gorgeous view down the East River.

My friend Michelle sublet an apt on Roosevelt Island one summer. It was amazing. 2 bedroom, ample square footage (and by ample I mean very well-endowed), and a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline. Of course my first inclination was toward the closet, the door of which appeared to be, well, miniscule at best. I was appalled. What is the point of having all this space if you don’t have any room in the closet? I opened the double-doors that together were barely shoulder-width — my jaw hit the floor. No room in the closet? Please. The closet was a room in itself! I’m actually not exaggerating, though, it was about the size of my first single in college. Hence why I wanted to move there, and why I’m convincing Mom & Pops to move there in the Fall (free storage, anyone?).

Moral of this Story is: if you have a half-day today (and you’re not leaving town for the Hamptons or the holiday) take a leisurely tram ride in the afternoon sun! (And, my deepest condolences if you don’t have a half-day.)

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