Savage Beauty

If you’ve been paying attention at all to the weather channel, you know that we’ve been hit by a heat wave here in New York. So much fun, let me tell you. I had 2 guests come into town just before the worst of the heat hit — they have great timing, these guests, really. Jacleen (founder of this fabulous lifestyle blog) and B (a fabulous friend made in our undergrad days) swept into New York City to revisit their old stomping grounds, and their old friend (me).

How do you beat the heat when you have guests that expect an experience equal or greater to that they read about here on Stolen Says? You take them to brunch. You take them to see Captain America. You take them to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Blessedly air-conditioned, this incredible building houses so many amazing works of art — and for a limited time, this includes highlights from the collections of the late Lee Alexander McQueen.

The line was advertised out front as being a 2.5-hour wait (it was only about 1.5 hours) but it was worth it to me to get to see these incomparable masterpieces up close. He was a fashion genius, such a brilliant mind, and to view his works was about as close to a religious, out-of-body experience I probably will ever have. I heard, more than once, the comment …who would wear that? and in response, a facetious It’s “art” I wanted to smack them. For one, it’s not about wearability, and for two, it is art. Not “art”, with quotations, but real, deep, thought-provoking art that takes a trade skill and creates something beautiful, something with meaning, something truly moving. I’m never one to tell another how a piece of art should affect them, but if constructing couture from living flowers as a visual commentary on the transience of all things is completely lost on you, the attention, time spent and detail alone should be enough to blow your mind.

Photos are (appropriately) prohibited in the exhibit, so I have none to share with you — check out some of the pieces here.

The exhibit is only open until August 7th. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or not, I highly suggest you go see it (though if you’re not a fashion enthusiast I also highly suggest you do some research prior). Read more about the McQueen exhibit here.

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One Response to Savage Beauty

  1. AM says:

    I like the honesty in this post! Really well done :)!

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