Tarallucci e Vino

Monday the rain finally fell in New York City breaking the heat, and clearing the air. I stepped out of my office building onto Lexington Avenue and sauntered between the fat, summer raindrops to Grand Central in hopes of catching a quick 6 train to Union Square for a 6:30 reservation at Tarallucci e Vino. Plunked in the middle of 18th street between 5th & Broadway, Tarallucci e Vino is that cozy, Italian, je ne sais quois refuge, perfect for sitting at the bar and watching the people scurry past as the rain comes down.

But it wasn’t just me, the sunflowers and the cute bartender who set out the most delectable bar snacks ever — joining me that evening were 3 of my best New York friends for our monthly (?) catch-up dinner. Business, fashion, men — we covered the spectrum, tipped our slightly overly-eager waiter (tho he oddly seemed to be on a completely different planet when we really needed him) , and filtered back onto the glistening and refreshed hex-tile pavement at union square. G, you know (bestie). JK, I’ve written about (brilliantly balanced between New York and that other place the real world — also gave me her old a/c which is enough in itself). Cris…I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t believe you’ve met him yet. Vibrant, driven, and working on more projects than I am (I know, hard to fathom but it is the New York Way, after all), I see very little of him. Trust, tho, he is incredible and is bound for great things, just you wait (read: this won’t be the last time I mention Cris).

In any case. Due to the rain we all felt a little like drowned rats, so I respected my company’s request to not be photographed this time. But we had a lovely, light italian meal, some bruschetta, some insalatina and some seasonally appropriate Grillo (a fruity white wine with a hint of papaya, recommended by said cute bartender).

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