Retro Rain

This weekend I was apartment sitting for JK, so Friday morning I threw my laundry into my roll-on suitcase, to be schlepped directly to her place after work. My suitcase is perfect for a weekend stay, but I had a little trouble fitting two weeks’ worth of laundry in it, and as a result I a) had about 50 bags to schlep to and from the office (the suitcase literally only held the laundry, so all other items went crammed into my briefcase and tote) and 2) planned to make a quick trip back home between dropping my things at JK’s and going about my Friday night plans. Timing was not in my favor that evening, however, so I had just enough time to get settled at JK’s before heading to Hell’s Kitchen for NDub’s softball game.
Just before I left the apartment, I stepped into the balcony to check the plants I was babysitting, and felt a few drops of rain. A quick text to NDub drew a dubious response as to whether his game would be called on account of rain, so I grabbed my umbrella and took the elevator down. In that short amount of time the street outside JK’s building, in the heart of Little Italy, went from this:

To this:

Mulberry Street had become Mulberry Stream. The game had been called, the confirmation text from NDub — game canceled drinking instead
And drink they did. The team headed directly across 11th avenue to American Retro, a big dive with retro accessories including skeeball, connect four, and other old school board games. Considering that most of 11th ave consists of car dealerships and rubble from the west side highway, it was no surprise that D happened to be having dinner at American Retro, having originally planned to pop across to the game afterward. In the most old school way he sauntered up to NDub & me exclaiming How convenient is this?!

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