Dinner w/Fifi & Himay – Takeout Pizza

Stolen Says highlights the best of New York City from bar scenes to brunches. As fantastic and fun as all of that is, sometimes the best evenings are those spent in your own apartment with a couple of your closest friends, a bottle of wine, and delicious home-cooked meal.

This week’s Dinner w/Fifi & Himay is (drum roll, please): Takeout Pizza!!

A pr exec and a personal assistant don’t make for calm, regular schedules by any means. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that this would happen — Fifi and I finally came up against a day that wholly robbed us of any extra energy or time, so the only viable option was takeout. Via text we decided on the cuisine (pizza), and then implemented our last effort into a semblance of teamwork. Fifi called the order in, and I stopped in and picked it up on my way from the office. Poetry, no?

Also, I realized (a little too late) that this is coming one day earlier in the week than usual — I had assumed that this week would be a little less crazy at work, but naturally that is not the case. Look for today’s post tomorrow! The SoHo Grand, with my friend Larry (tho he won’t be pictured).

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