Stage Door

Thursday night — didn’t that used to be the night to open shows? I’m not so familiar with the business. But Thursday night was the night for Stage Door to open. I honestly had never heard of it before — a little insight into just how little I know about the business — it’s a fun, vintage play, written by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman in the 30s about a boarding house for down-and-out up-and-coming actresses on West 54th Street. Appropriately, the Acting Studio is also on West 54th Street, and super convenient for me to get to (tho’ I would have trekked to Brooklyn to see this one).

So it’s vintage, and really, really fabulous. As I said, I’d never heard of it until my friend JBru, an aspiring actor, invited me to it — naturally because he’s in it. If you don’t know about JBru, here’s a little background: quit his miserable corporate office job to pursue his dream of being an actor. Almost a year later to the day, he’s making his debut. Congratulations to JBru and the entire cast of Stage Door!
I really recommend that you go before the show closes on August 13 — you can get your tickets in advance here, or at the door. It’s about $20 either way, but I’d suggest buying them in advance assure a seat. The theatre is small, providing a wonderfully intimate viewing of the show — but not for throngs of screaming fans (fortunately).

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