Dinner w/out Fifi & Himay

The Host — not just a thriller film, but a type of person (see also: hostess). We all know one. They’re the kind that love entertaining and get some kind of sick satisfaction from serving up delicious food and drink and letting people have a grand ol’ time at their expense. JanDear is probably the most enthusiastic hostess I know, but I can’t deny that I’ve got the gene as well. JanDear is always throwing a fabulous party, BBQ, dinner, or something of the sort, so D (who happens to be one of JanDear’s roommates) and I decided to let her take a load off for once, and throw a fabulous dinner party ourselves. There was a ham, some haricot verts, sour cream mashed potatoes (which D chopped and later mashed), and some pecan pie for dessert. There was an invitation, and a theme — can you guess what it was?

We’re hoping to make it a recurring event, with a rotating guest list to keep it intimate but inclusive. Look for your invitation, you could be next! Cheers!

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