Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing

When D and I decided to make bow-ties a part of the mandatory dress code for our dinner party, we didn’t (or at least, I didn’t) expect the absence of bow-ties in our prospective guests’ wardrobes to be so prevalent. Less than 24 hours after the invitation was sent I received numerous texts, tweets and emails about bow-ties being out of season and the struggle they were going through to find an appropriate accessory.
Shortly thereafter, however, I found myself in the same predicament. The only bow-tie I owned was a clip-on that only passes when I perform at Carnegie Hall with my chorus — the audience isn’t close enough to see that it’s a fake. So on my lunch break I ran around midtown in search of an affordable bowtie, to no avail. I wanted a real one that I would have to learn to tie, but I didn’t want to pay $50. So after some hunting and comparing and a few exasperated tweets I decided on a tip to go to Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing.
Photography is prohibited in Cheap Jack’s, but here’s a gratuitous touristy shot of the banner on the corner of the store, followed by a photo of D and I in the ties that we found at Cheap Jack’s. D’s is a pre-tied clip-on, mine is not, both are pretty spiffy, don’t you think?

In regard to learning to tie a bow-tie, it really isn’t that difficult. I googled it and read some instructions, looked at some diagrams, and was mad proud of myself for mastering it in about 2 minutes. Naturally, I tweeted my pride to the masses, and got this in response:

Who knew? It really is as simple as tying your shoe. If only those “How To Tie a Bow-Tie” sites had been so clear — it would have saved me a few minutes (only), but a lot of stress and feeling silly for not already having this skill.

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