Escape to the Country

Torrential rains welcomed us this weekend in New York. Funny how the rain clears the streets of all people, and all cabs. This usually ends with me getting soaked and then freezing on the over-air-conditioned subway, but last weekend I escaped to the country for a couple of days and while it poured that weekend as well, I was fortunate enough to have access to a car so there was no getting soaked involved.

The country. Not the cabin in the woods in Suffern that Carrie Bradshaw had to endure — the old plumbing, the lack of glass in the windows — no sir. I grew up in the wilderness camping and hiking. If that’s what “the country” meant I’d be a city mouse for life. This country is the chic, little town type that I went to college in. Actually, I was making my annual pilgrimage back to the old alma mater, Bard College, for their Summerscape music exposition. Each year Summerscape produces several shows and holds performances in the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts on Bard’s campus. Designed by Frank Gehry, it’s a massive building that evokes a full range of opinion and comment from visitors. A few shots:

Pookie works at the box office and gets me tickets to the opera they stage every year. Because I work a regular 9-5 I usually only have time to see one show but this year I was up for the entire weekend, and had the opportunity to see Bittersweet, a cute, clever & fun operetta by Noël Coward about making the wrong decisions for all the right reasons.
The opera, Die Liebe der Danae by Richard Strauss, was a fabulous display of talent, with hilarious and appropriate direction and costuming that channeled a very Sex and the City vibe.
It was a fantastic and much-needed relaxing weekend. To go from this:

To this:

In just an hour and a half is pretty incredible. It could take longer to get to Brooklyn, not kidding. A few days of recharging and I was right as…rain. Pun so not intended, because this weekend I got caught running around the West Village in the torrential rains looking for a cab.

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