A Photoshoot with Totally Tyler

I’d be willing to wager that every New Yorker, at one point or another, has been asked to be involved in a photoshoot of some kind. My turn came this weekend. Far from being a model (I lack the height, thin waist, and bone structure) I was still majorly flattered when Totally Tyler reached out to me via text asking if I would be interested in being a model on his book cover.* Totally Tyler is a fantastic writer and all around fabulous person as you will know if you follow his blog — his subject matter can be viewed as a little risqué by some, so I did actually pause for a few days before I realized I would be totally stupid to turn this down and responded that yes, I would lovelovelove to be involved. Because, really — how often do you get asked to be part of a photoshoot for a writer who takes the Sex and the City movement to the next level? And so this rainy Sunday, while most of New York was curled up on a futon somewhere watching reruns of The Jersey Shore, I was trekking to the Upper West Side to sip prosecco and get crazy in front of a camera.

Movies and TV shows make photoshoots seem like a fun mini-version of a fashion show in Central Park with a costume change, a few flashes of the camera and a couple of “fabulous tiger” poses thrown in there for an early wrap-up. Not that this was a super intense fashion shoot, but it’s anything but quick. There’s a lot of waiting. As for glam — there were 4 other models, an art director, a photographer, Tyler and Lola (the adorable puppy) crammed into Totally Tyler’s “cozy” 2 bedroom apartment. But there was prosecco and strawberries, and plenty of poppin’ music to keep me shakin’ my booty a little, so it actually was pretty glam.

But the things you discover when you get in front of a camera! Turns out, I really do like having my picture taken — professionally and with the promise of proper airbrushing, of course.

*Your Boyfriend and Other Guys I’ve Kissed: The Tales of Totally Tyler is due in stores and on Amazon.com in mid-October. Look for it — it’s going to be fabulous! Promo and possibly some photoshoot proofs to come a little later. Watch for those, too. 😉

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6 Responses to A Photoshoot with Totally Tyler

  1. rebecca r. says:

    Ahhhhh! Can’t wait to see it! Exciting. 🙂

  2. "G" says:

    Omg. How fabulous! Another adventure we must discuss next week.

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