Tipsy Tuesday at Slane

I keep saying that Tuesday is not the usual day for happy hours — but I just saw a phrase tweeted by The Fashion Bomb that made me realize it’s not so uncommon. Tipsy Tuesday, she called it, and Tipsy Tuesday it was. One of the great things about bars in New York City is that they often give individuals a chance to win a free or discounted happy hour for themselves and a number of their friends. I think the justification is that 6 of your best drinking buddies bring 6 of their best drinking buddies, who will all either have to adhere to regular happy hour rules, or will be tipsy enough at the end of the monitored hour to purchase a drink or two more to keep their buzz going. My friend AC won such a happy hour at Slane, on MacDougal and Bleecker streets in the heart of the ultra-bohemian NoHo. I felt a tad conspicuous walking to the bar from West 4th Street in my linen blazer, polka-dot YSL tie, and the bottle of Fiji water I grabbed as I ran out of the office to mask the coffee I had chugged in order to stay awake through the ordeal. But when I arrived I wasn’t the only one in semi-corporate attire, so I kissed AC on the cheek, took one last call from my boss, and got poised to get my drink on.

Mind you, I had the intention of limiting myself to two gin & tonics — I had some more travel arrangements to make for my boss, after all, and hilarious though it might be to make them completely hammered, I had a feeling the American Express Travel Concierge would not be quite as amused. However, HH never turns out as you plan. We know this. As it happened the drinks were fairly weak on the gin and strong on the tonic, so while I’m sure I ousted any cold that might have been thinking about settling in my lungs, I was still in fine shape to book those plane tickets after even 4 G&Ts. Hm.
I’m not one to rely on alcohol to have a good time, so I went ahead and just had a grand ol’ time for a couple of hours, weak-sauce drinks and all. Then I walked through Washington Square Park on my way to the subway, feeling overdressed again, and went home to make the necessary calls.

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