Post-Brunch Wandering

I always knew it was a bad idea to leave my phone on the table when I took a momentary leave of absence at brunch for the restroom — brunch w/D and Ndub really drove the lesson home, when they replaced the zen photo of the tiger lily in my front yard with one of themselves. I love seeing their smiling faces all the time, and since I’ve been too lazy busy to figure out how to change it back I’ll live with it for now. = )

In any case, as I’ve said before, post-brunch wandering is a required activity, so after a semi-satisfying brunch at Regional (Jodi, the manager was on vacay, so the rest of the staff slacked a little in refilling my bloody mary) I decided to take a solitary stroll through Central Park, and ran into one of my favorite landmarks, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir — named, naturally after one of the biggest style icons in history. Calming and beautiful, the reservoir has this great little path around which you can stroll, power-walk or run — so long as you mind the rules and travel in a counter-clock-wise direction.

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