Bleecker Street Bar

Remember when being a twenty-something meant you worked your 9-5 and then had all the time in the world outside of those hours to do whatever you pleased? In a city so filled with new things to do and explore you were always up for anything, and ready to go anywhere anyone asked you to go. These days, it’s not quite that easy — at least not for me. I put everything in my calendar. I have to, or I end up double-booking myself and disappointing someone. So you can imagine my excitement when Alex texted me one afternoon asking if I was free for a drink or two and my calendar was wide open.

I’ve been apartment/plant sitting for JK in Little Italy, so I suggested to Alex that we meet at Allen St and Houston, just outside the 2nd Ave stop on the F train. Alex lives out in Brooklyn somewhere — Brooklyn is still a mystery to me so I can’t tell you exactly which part he lives in, but it’s somewhere that he can take the F train in to 2nd Ave in about 30 minutes. This gave me just enough time to pop down to Little Italy and change and freshen up before meeting up w/Alex. He was out of cash, needed a Bank of America, so I suggested we stroll along Houston to Lafayette to the BofA ATM (which I had used on my way home, and then head up a block to Bleecker Street Bar.

Bleecker Street Bar, on (you guessed it) Bleecker Street just off of Lafayette, is a little dive bar with arcade games, pool, and decently-priced drinks. $12 for 2 drinks meant that Alex and I could take turns buying a round — while it’s not 2-4-1 until 9pm at Industry, Bleecker Street Bar is a great place to chill with a beer (or a gin&tonic, in my case) and catch up with an old friend. Alex and I went to undergrad together, and had seen each other a few times since graduation, but this was our first time hanging out together in the city. And it was great — he’s doing well for himself, walking dogs to pay the bills, and playing black-tie benefits to feed his passion. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a friend living their dream.

Are you living your dream?

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