A Party? Why, I’ve absolutely *nothing* to wear!

So. As you may or may not know I’ve been apartment/plant sitting for JK in Little Italy, and it’s been an interesting time. I miss JK, of course, but it’s kind of fun living in a grown-up apartment. I have a decent place, don’t get me wrong, but for all intents and purposes, it’s a starter apartment. JK’s is newly renovated, newly painted — I think the building itself is less than 5 years old. It’s location also cut my commute time in half, so I have no complaints there.

The first time I stayed in JK’s place, it was essentially for an extended weekend — which, as it happened, began at the end of my wardrobe cycle. You know, the cycle that ends when you will have absolutely nothing to wear unless you do laundry? There are two things I really dislike; laundry, and moving — though I find myself doing both far more often than I’d like. In any case, it had been a pretty hectic week at work as well, so to prepare for my little staycation in Little Italy, I ran back to my apartment and threw my laundry into my roll-on suitcase intending to take full advantage of the washing machine and dryer in JK’s basement. What I didn’t realize until later was that I’d forgotten to pack something clean to wear while I was doing laundry — oops. Luckily, SoHo (fabulous little neighborhood famous for its shops) is just a street or two away, so I popped over to Broadway and grabbed a blue v-neck tee for $4.95 at H&M, and a pair of white jeans for $49.00 at Zara. If you’ve read the feature Cubicle Chic did on me, you’ll know I have about 10 black v-neck tees that are one of my go-to items. This blue one, while still fairly basic, let me branch out a little, and it felt great. As for the white jeans, well, every guy should have a pair that they break out a couple of times between Memorial and Labor Day, and I’d unwittingly gotten rid of the fantastic pair of Calvin Kleins that I’d had in high school…thinking I would never wear them in college. Silly me.

What do you think? Not too shabby for a laundry outfit, yes? I accessorized this with my Maine Woods boatshoes and skipped up to Hell’s Kitchen later that night for Karl’s birthday party. Cute and diverse — what’s not to love?

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One Response to A Party? Why, I’ve absolutely *nothing* to wear!

  1. rebecca r. says:

    i bet you looked hot! just beware all the red sauce in little italy in those jeans! 😉

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