Fashion’s Night Out 2011

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) comes but once a year – despite Fifi and Yoshua exclamatorily asking if it hadn’t already happened. This year went by very quickly, faster than the usual New York Minute, I’d wager, which is probably what spurred their comments.

I don’t live for fashion – I don’t have the time or resources for that. But if I did, I would. And seeing as I haven’t been invited to any of the shows yet, I do my best to support the industry on FNO, if only by spreading the good word to those who are less informed.
In any case, last Thursday was FNO. I started at Lord & Taylor, b/c it’s fairly close to Office#1 and G happens to work there, so I knew there would be at least be a flock of fabulous ladies to cavort with, hunting down cosmos, ogling the “firemen”, and discussing the latest Thakoon collection.

There was a little more: Solange DJ’d on 2, there were lock boxes with special prizes, and a cute & stylish young man who complimented my footwear as he sauntered by with a glass of champagne — he had the same pair of kidskin boots, you see. Great minds think alike. G and the girls and I found ourselves content to stay at Lord & Taylor for awhile before heading across the street to The Australian, where we ran into a few models who were in town for NYFW.

Sadly, now NYFW is almost over, and I feel as though I’ve hardly blinked. Where has the year gone? FNO is over — soon the tents will be dismantled and the models, designers, reviewers and fashionista/os will head to London to run the shows there. Our city will be left to its usual steady pace of bustling, glittering and gleaming, and some of us will finally get some sleep.

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