The Highline Park

New York City. The city that never sleeps, glittering with all its energetic, enthusiastic, forward-driven, upwardly-mobile might. The gleam you see comes not just from the eyes of its energetic, enthusiastic, forward-driven, upwardly-mobile inhabitants but from the windows & lights of those tall skyscrapers – the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and many other famed New York structures that make up the majority of our concrete jungle. Of course as human beings we still need that connection with nature to keep us grounded, and for that reason we have places like Central Park, Fort Tryon Park, and in a fantastic merging of the two worlds, the Highline.

Running from Gansevoort Street up 11th Avenue to 34th Street (so far), the Highline is the only elevated park in New York City, and was created out of a double initiative to “green” New York and reclaim the tracks of an old freight line that lost its use in the mid-eighties, when trucking became a more cost-effective mode of transporting goods. The process is ongoing, but the portion that’s currently finished is kind of amazing. AM visited last weekend, having seen some of the oodles of press the Highline has been getting – national geographic did a piece, and even the Roanoke Times (where my sister & bro-in-law live & work) had a feature. Naturally (pun intended, hehe) AM wanted to check it out. We both decided that if we lived closer, we would definitely be regulars at the Highline, along with whatever book or beau we were exploring at any given moment.

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One Response to The Highline Park

  1. AM says:

    Such a good time! I can’t wait to go again and I really do hope that we both have a beau to bring with us!! Thanks for taking me :)!

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