In Which I Wield Power Tools

One Friday evening, about a week ago, I came home to find this:

I knew my roommate was planning on moving out, and it was the end of the month, but it still gave me that missed-step feeling when I came home from work to an empty bedroom and a less-full living room. I had hoped he would still be there to at least say goodbye, but I’m a bit of a sentimental schmuck in that way, so I sent him a farewell text anyway.

What is it they say? In New York, you’re always looking for a job, an apartment, or a boyfriend. And by apartment I’m pretty sure they meant apartment/roommate. Searching for a roommate is, no lie, almost a full-time job. Posting ads and pictures on various sites, spreading the word via text, facebook, email, and then setting up appointments with prospective roommates to meet you and view the apartment — it can be a long and arduous process, but it does beat schlepping all over New York in search of another apartment and moving. Which is why I decided to go through the whole Roommate Search again this year. Luckily for me, a close friend of mine decided to move back to the city, and so even though I was slightly forlorn on September 30th, by sunrise on October 1st I was ecstatic to welcome SimplyJacleen to her new home in this fabulous city.

In preparation for SJ’s arrival and my third year in this apartment, I decided I’d had enough of the shoddy towel rod in the bathroom that consistently fell from it’s brackets on the wall whenever anyone tried to put it to its proper use. So I did a deep-cleaning of the apartment, and then trekked to Home Depot on Third Ave at 58th Street to get a new towel rod, and matching fixtures for the rest of the bathroom. I borrowed some power tools from Fifi & Himay — for those of you who just giggled at the thought of me wielding a drill bit, I’m a little offended, but I suppose I understand. 😉

The towel ring, also had been shoddily installed, so I replaced that as well, as you’ll see below.

By Monday (which I took off, to wait for the Ikea delivery and help SJ put things together), that sad echo in my apartment was dampened by the presence of furniture and, well, cardboard. Lots and lots of cardboard.

Please give a warm welcome to my new roomie/old friend SimplyJacleen!

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