Medieval Times

It’s officially Birthday Season.

A few months ago D, Ndub, and I were out at Pony Bar, known for its wide array of American-crafted beers and for being one of D’s favorite watering holes. The three of us were enjoying a pint or two when all something in the conversation sparked D’s memory and he said That reminds me, save the date — October 15th is when I’ll be having my birthday party. Being the loyal friend I am, and knowing that the further in advance events are booked the better, I pulled out my Motorola DroidX and blocked out the evening of the 15th in my Google Calendar. It was then that D followed his announcement with another: I’m having my party at Medieval Times in New Jersey! Which prompted me to delete the event I’d just entered into my phone.

I don’t have anything against New Jersey, per se. It has a bad rap, which I think is really — for the most part — unjustified, and perpetuated by that abomination of a tv show starring The Situation and his friends, none of whom are actually from Jersey. My trepidation at attending D’s birthday party was simple — I just didn’t know how to get there. Luckily D anticipated this and rented a party bus to take us there and back.

Transportation solved, I still had some misgivings about going to this…event. I admitted to a few co-workers and other friends that I was going to Medieval Times and the general response was, Oh how fun, I’ve been, I loved it! I went in 7th grade! …joy.

Turns out if you throw 30 odd twenty-somethings in a party bus and cart them off to Lyndhurst, NJ, they’ll find a way to get enthusiastic about jousting knights, eating half of a chicken with their bare hands, and being kings and queens for a day.

We’re green because we were rooting for the Green Knight who was a (yes, I’m going to say it) BAMF. Happy Birthday D — sorry this trib(ute) is late. I know you’re surprised. xx

Stay tuned for NDub’s Limo Extravaganza.

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