Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en! Oddly enough and much (I’m sure) to the chagrin of many, Hallowe’en falls on a Monday this year, so there were lots of pre-emptive parties this weekend. I’m actually making quite an assumption here, that despite the surprise snowstorm (complete with lightning and thunder) ladies and gents were able to hail a cab to the bar and get their sexy-kitten on. I haven’t yet gotten those Hunter Boots I’m coveting, so I opted for a less raucous event — carving pumpkins at Fifi & Himay’s w/SJ (the new roomie). Himay stuck with the traditional Jack-o-Lantern, while Fifi exercised her creative license and carved a hilariously accurate model of an Angry Bird! SJ & I teamed up for a more generic (but cute nonetheless) image, the Kitty-Bat.

Fun times, carving pumpkins, drinking Imperial Pumking Beer (like liquid pumpkin pie, I’m telling you — so good). One of my favorite parts is roasting the pumpkin seeds! Sprinkle them with a little seasoning salt and olive oil, roast them on a baking sheet for, what, like 10, 15 minutes? Makes a delightful little fall snack. Goes very well with the bloody marys Fifi & I draughted later.

What did you do to celebrate Hallowe’en this weekend? Who’s dressing up and trick-or-treating tonight? Hope to see some great costumes…

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2 Responses to Happy Hallowe’en!

  1. Am says:

    Love the post and the photos are really great! Angry bird pumpkin…haha! That’s great :)! Happy Halloween :)!

  2. Audrey says:

    Wow it looks very delicious!


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