Introducing: Steven

As you may or may not know, I’ve had a recent turnover in roommates. My last roommate was great, and I definitely miss him (should probably send him a note to see how he’s holding up, actually), but SJ is an old friend, and there’s really nothing quite like living with an old friend. The novelty of being in such close proximity didn’t start to wear off for about a week, which meant neither of us got very much sleep — staying up until 2am talking & watching Sex and the City is all very fun until you have to get up at 6am & remember where exactly your boss put that file that might have had something to do with an old warehouse in Long Island City.

In any case, one (of many) perk(s) of SJ moving in is that she brought her cat. Everyone — meet Steven.

I caught him in the middle of a nap, but this is not so common really. Just like his new uncle (yours truly) Steven is quite the social butterfly — and quite curious too! That saying about curiosity having killed the cat? Pretty certain that was coined by the owner of Steven’s great-great-grandfather. Steven is always underfoot, wanting to know, what’s going on, what is that in your hand, what are you eating, what are you doing, where are you going???
But in the must adorable manner, I assure you.

Does make photographing him a bit difficult.

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