Good Morning, Happy Monday — I trust everyone had a pleasant weekend! I certainly did. Yesterday was the ING NYC Marathon. I didn’t participate in any way, shape or form, but Jan did! Go Jan! It’s incredible to me that someone can run for 26.2 miles. Even more incredible when people like AM choose to run it every year (she’s run the Boston Marathon something crazy like 7 times). In any case, though I enjoy the occasional jog around the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, when it comes to marathons I prefer to sit on the sidelines, cocktail in hand, cheering the poor suckers on.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Saturday morning I finally talked Jeffrey into going out to Astoria with me for brunch. Astoria — is largely known for its Greek culture — is that quiet little neighborhood that’s just a hop over the East River from the Upper East Side, and it’s actually not so quiet at all. Brimming with cute restaurants and hopping bars, Astoria is kind of a happening place! So I made Jeffrey come out for brunch. It’s a schlep for him, coming from Washington Heights, but he apparently thinks highly enough of me to make it.

So Saturday around 12:30 (so not really the morning at all) SJ and I met Jeffrey at the 30th Avenue NQ Train stop, swung by Fifi’s to pick her up and walked allll the way over to 31st Avenue and 42nd Street (not Times Square). It’s a good 10 minute walk from the subway, stopping to pick up Fifi or no, but I’m going to go ahead say it’s worth it. The food: deliciously decadent. The drinks: unlimited for $7. Brunch was a prix fixe at $15, which is not a bad deal. Super cute place, with deep wooden structure, a brick oven fireplace, and a little light, live jazz — a soft serenade of scatting. (Admittedly though, between live performances the house music had to be turned down several times as I ended up screaming at Fifi across the table about how yummy my poached eggs w/Nova Scotia Lox and hollandaise sauce were.) But enough talk — here are some photos:

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One Response to Diwine

  1. Am says:

    Thanks for the shout out! And yes, I might just be crazy, but who else would you be able to wish good luck to on the third monday of April every year?!

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