NDub’s Limo Extravaganza

I’ve said recently that it’s officially birthday season — remember D’s crazy trip to Medieval Times? That was pretty much the kickoff to the season. But where, you ask, are all the other fabulous birthday parties you’ve been attending? Fear not, my friends, there are plenty to come. I was actually just emailing G the other day about all the upcoming events and we were feeling a little overwhelmed, seeing them all in print. The thick of them are yet to come, but to tide you over, a couple of weeks ago Ndub rented a limo, which drove us all upstate to the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery for a little apple picking.

Yes. Apple picking in the crisp fall air with the brightly-colored autumn leaves — I see absolutely no reason why one shouldn’t bookend this favored fall activity with a limo ride. It was fun, we didn’t have to worry about getting lost in upstate New York (even though our driver did) or whether one of us knew how to drive well enough to get us there and back in one piece, and we were completely at liberty pop a bottle of champagne before we even hit the West Side Highway. Not a bad start to a lovely fall day.

The orchard portion of the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery was all picked out by the time we got there, unfortunately. Apples usually aren’t really best for picking until after the first frost (that’s the country boy in me talking, pls excuse the twang), but considering this year’s first frost came with about 6 inches of snow, it’s probably best that the good people of the New York Metro Area didn’t wait. In any case, we were content to sip our Doc’s Draft Hard Cider — it’s made in-house and comes in a few fruity flavors (my favorite was blackberry) — and lounge on the grass.

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