The Collegiate Chorale presents: Moïse et Pharaon

Happy Monday New Yorkers (and fellow citizens of the world)! Are we all rested and rejuvenated from the decent dose of family/friend time over the holiday last week? I wish I could answer my own question and say yes, of course — it was fabulous having a few extra days to sleep in and relax. However, as relaxing as my time away from the city was (I go upstate each year, to a little town called Hudson — but more on that later), as soon as I returned Friday afternoon I was naturally thrown back into the thick of things.

This, the winter holiday season and the month leading up to it, is arguably the busiest time of the year. At least, that’s the excuse I’m using for having been on a two-week hiatus. Between the two jobs (both of which are crazy this time of year), a fantastically full social schedule, and an impending sense that I should really be in hibernation, I may have a few more gray hairs by year end. However. That doesn’t mean I’m not still having fun — as you will see in the coming weeks (birthday parties, holiday parties, book launch parties). Full of parties tho it is, the winter holiday season would not be complete without a performance with the Collegiate Chorale at Carnegie Hall. And what luck! There happens to be one this Wednesday, November 30th at 8:00 pm!

The Details:
Moïse et Pharaon
November 30 at 8pm
Carnegie Hall
Soloists: James Morris, Kyle Ketelsen, Angela Meade, Eric Cutler, and Marina Rebeka, with the American Symphony Orchestra.

The Collegiate Chorale is celebrating their 70th Anniversary this year, which bodes well for you — in honor of 70 years the Chorale is offering first-time subscribers a special package deal that includes 4 of their main performances for only $70. Let’s be real here — for parquet seating, that’s a bit of a steal, so I’d jump on that if I were you. Purchase tickets here.

Hope to see some of you there!

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