Hey La, Hey La, This Blogger’s Back!

Once there was a New Yorker — a blogger, who blogged about all things New York (and some things not so New York). One day, this New York Blogger woke up and found himself in the midst of a hectic holiday season, full of parties, long hours at the office, a few more parties, a little bit of travel, and — ooh! — a boyfriend! And he became so caught up in the rush and the madness and butterflies that he quite literally had little time for much else aside from his nighttime beauty rest (which, trust, he needed).

Yes, this New York Blogger is me. As you may have gathered, New York during the winter holidays is one season during which the fast-paced blur that is our glittering city accelerates exponentially. Of course, things tend to come to a screeching halt directly on New Year’s Day — only to resume at full force on Monday (or Tuesday, as it were). I am also back, in full blogging force, with lots to share! Upcoming on StolenSays:

  • Fifi’s Birthday (in 2 parts — the frightening and the fabulous)
  • Meredith’s Birthday
  • My Own Birthday
  • Post Holiday Party at the DGJG Lounge
  • More New York Pics of the Week
  • More Dinners w/Fifi & Himay
  • Brunching at MexiQ
  • Brunching in the W.Village
  • Much, Much More!

So. Stay tuned, Happy New Year, and Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to Hey La, Hey La, This Blogger’s Back!

  1. Mish says:

    Brunch really lends itself to blogging. You’re spot-on about NYC, as well. Just had a fabulous brunch and wrote about it while on a high from the Carsten Holler: Experience exhibit at the New Museum on Bowery. Great neighborhood! In case you’re interested, http://mommytheorist.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/carsten-holler-experience/

    • StolenSays says:

      Brunch really does lend itself to blogging, doesn’t it? Probably why there are so many brunch blogs out there. I know you gave a list of reasons to avoid your latest brunch excursion but I love that neighborhood too — I’ll try not to ruin it with a rave review. No promises, though.

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